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Published: 4 months ago By: Super Squad D!

By: Super Squad D!Published: 4 months ago

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New Animated Batman Movies Coming In 2018!

If you're a bit fan of animated Batman, then 2018 is looking like a big year for you! If you're NOT a fan of animated Batman, than I should warn you that you probably will not like this video very much and I question how you got here to begin with.

Gotham By Gaslight and Batman Ninja are coming next year, both with a lot of potential, both for enjoyment and for criticism! We all love criticizing things, after all. Isn't that just a delight?

The only thing in this video that I own the rights to is my beautiful voice, so....please don't sue me, I guess? I'm looking at you, Warner Brothers, DC, Chris Nolan, Wayne Enterprises, Shonen Jump, etc. Love you all! Don't hurt me too badly.

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